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Time and Place

8pm, place: Noisebridge, 83C Wiese St. near 16th St. & Mission St., San Francisco


  • Quick update on current running projects, past and upcoming events (to make us happy!)
  • Rubin's proposal for donations (junk) (Rachel or Rubin)
  • Collaboration with artist (Walter Funk) on Hologlyphic Movie system, with possible funding
  • Build haptic interface for a blind grad student? (David Molnar)
  • Thank-you to Bill Pollack from No Starch Press for all the books and things!
  • Discuss homebrew beer making as on agenda for 11.4
  • Read applicant names from membership binder


Hologlyphic Movie system, with possible funding

  • bucketworks has done done fiscal sponsorship before with artists and barcampMilwaukee
    • bucketworks] is a shared technology and art space, we call it a health club for the brain
      • it has 20,000 sqft to build create, hack, act, code, discover, and explore what one can do when they put their mind to it.
      • at the last barcampMilwaukee, we had a VR room and a started a robotics club.
  • cellspace is a shared space to promote the arts in SF
    • i don't know much about it, but James Carlson of Bucketworks recommend that i get involved with them, they have a lot in common with bucketworks from what i hear.
  • what universities can serve as the fiscal sponsor?
    • berkeley?
    • UCSF?
    • stanford?
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