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声桥中文角 (Noisebridge Chinese Corner)

Nov 11 - Single's of the world unite! Today is Single's Day in China! yi-yi yi-yi. Tai hao le!

Suggested Purpose

To set a time each week to meet at Noisebridge and practice speaking Mandarin and to draw ideograms. (And of course to further prepare ourselves for the inevitable Chinese ascendancy.) Please list your name and what times would be good or bad for you if you're interested. Also note if you would like to involve the eating of Chinese food, possibly even cooking it ourselves.

Time proposal

Thursday evening or on the weekend. Discuss!

Skory - My preference is Thursday since I like to have weekends more open for unforeseen adventures.

Interested People

Skory - Most any evening other than Monday and of course Tuesday. Food is good, and I'm into cooking if enough people are interested in getting together the necessary equipment and helping.

Mitch - I don't know Mandarin, but I want to learn, and having a group might just help me motivate.

(Re:Above) If enough Mandarin beginners are interested I'd be happy to teach some basics of character writing and grammar. But please do not try to learn pronunciation from me! -skory

Molly - I speak survival Mandarin and just got back from a year living/working in China. My pronunciation is fairly natural, though my vocabulary limited. I read and write around 500 characters, but want to collect the whole set! Win big prizes! Happy Everyday!

rachel - Oh yeah. Coming in a little late on this but BLTN. I can offer a bunch of beginner flash cards I made. Also I know how to talk about farting. Wednesday, Friday not good for me... Sat or Sun, middle of the day?

Adam - I also know a few unsavory phrases but would like to learn more conversational mandarin.

quinn - I would really love to do this, and probably bring the most shear ignorance to the group. Whenever is good for me. I'm slightly more interested in writing than speaking atm.

Matt - I also can talk about farting! Any day of the week is an excellent day for fart talk!

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