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2013 MakerFaire Afterparty

DATE:       Saturday, 18-May-2013
TIME:        8pm to ?
WHERE:    Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, 3rd floor (1.5 blocks from 16th St. Mission BART) -- Map & How to Get here
WHO:        strange-o's, plan9 users, dorks, families, nerds, hipsters, punks, hippies, weirdos -- Anyone and Everyone -- all genders -- all ages!
WHAT: HOW:        VERY Gently Suggested $5 - 10 Donation! NO ONE REFUSED for lack of funds. But, we might refuse you for unmatched socks or a sour puss.

Add Your Activity to the Afterparty

The mission is to throw a simple party for the Makers, and everyone else, who will be in town for the weekend. The desire is for a family friendly, good-times-encouraged affair with games, food, and fun for weirdos.
        Please add your own activities below, and invite your friends! Be ready to go by 7pm.

Your Activity Name of provider Email of provider
Your Activity Name Contact e-mail

Volunteer Sign-up

Help with Morning (12pm) Cleaning, Setup and/or Teardown on Saturday, May 18th. Please add yourself to this list if you can commit to helping, and indicate when you are available.

List of Volunteers         

Your Name Pre-Cleaning (2pm), Event Running (6pm), or Teardown (10pm), or whole day (All) E-mail
Your Name What you can do e-mail

Wishlist (step up if you want to

  • Boardgames:
Liars Dice, Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons and Dragons, Henna Artist (help fine one), Tattoo Artist, Hambone Competition, Shuffleboard, Vinyl Sticker Cutting, 3D Printing, T-shirt silkscreening, 3D printing demos,
  • Music and Performance
    • Experimental Music Jam: Jose and Douglas.
  • Welcomers/Fundraisers by the door
  • Crazy lighting, LED's, decorations: Chris, Rhody

Also note, Noisebridge will have a booth/table at the MakerFaire, see page Maker_Faire_2013, Maker Faire

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