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Noisebridge booth

Projects/Items Displayed in the Booth

Project: Kombucha
Lead Contact: Rameen
Description: Kombucha samples were a big hit last year; people spent hours asking me about it and listening to descriptions and brewing instructions etc. Maybe we could make a more visually appealing version of that. Also, people loved seeing our distiller. Having something tangible to give to give or to do is most memorable, I think.

I think we should put some focus into our set-up and make our booth look really amazing this year!


Project: Spacebridge
Lead Contact: Christopher
Description: Spacebridge will be displaying their payload items (radio, tracking devices, flight computer, camera, etc) and payload buses. Above our booth, we will have a 30 foot weather balloon filled with helium to demonstrate how we loft our payloads. Tethered to the weather balloon will be a video camera and radio transmitter broadcasting a top view of the display floor. We will also have a projector displaying images from our flight and the live video feed from our camera attacked to the balloon.

Requirments: We will need 1 table to display the items, power outlets to run a laptop, a projector, the the radio receiver. We will also need the booth to be placed in an indoor location that has a ceiling above 30 feed (any of the main halls will be fine).

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