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*Jacob Ervin email jacobkyle88@gmail.com
*Jacob Ervin email jacobkyle88@gmail.com
** August Wolff

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Locks! is about learning about locks.

When people want to. Usually sunday afternoon. Join the list:


If you want to find out about meeting.

The goal is to learn about different methods about compromising locks, from shims, to picks, to bump keys, to hydrologic jacks. The goal is that it will be a hands on group with members sharing what they know.

If you are interested please leave your "name" here:

  • Jonathan Moore
  • Charlie
  • Michael Toren
  • Hardy (click)
  • Jeff Tchang
  • Jon Starbuck
  • ian
  • Billy
  • Meryl P.
  • Islador (Leme know when,will be on IRC)
  • C
  • nana
  • Don
  • nymble
  • Patterson
  • Elcaset
  • Adam S
  • Bryan B.
  • Josh
  • scott mills
  • cw
  • MikeG
  • Jeffism
  • Isky (July '10) (We had a bunch of people on the 29th teaching each other amateur stuff, the lockpicking stuff can be found in a big plastic bin stored in the material fabrication zone, somebody update this with a more accurate description plz?)
  • Helyx
  • Miriam
  • Armence
  • mib
  • Felicia Please email fefenous@gmail.com
  • Patrick
  • Parker e-mail siphon154@gmail.com
  • grommet e-mail cup2013@hotmail.com
  • harris
  • Vincent e-mail vinitlee@gmail.com
  • Ricky
  • Brendan
  • Kaya email firefaerie@psyreal.net
  • Jacob Ervin email jacobkyle88@gmail.com


    • August Wolff
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