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Money of cosignatory shoe of STELLA LUNA X Audi R8 RMB1 of short boots of silver-colored black hollow out, 580 (material is qualitative: CalfSkin / speculum face sheepskin / net cloth)

RMB2 of boot of silver-colored black hollow out, qualitative: of 080 (material? Sheepskin of speculum face of  F? / net cloth)
The high-heeled shoes STELLA LUNA that loves by actor name Yuan stimulates the scintilla that gives beauty in Taiwan and Audi R8! Qi Le of Stephen Chi of STELLA LUNA presiding stylist's person will be fashionable as perfect as science and technology union, particularly integrated the characteristic of STELLA LUNA and R8, craft closes and be sex appeal and bodywork ably one, the glamour that allows a woman has dangerous sex more, the view that also allows a man cannot drift. 
Cosignatory shoe money is used calf is become with joining together of speculum face sheepskin, show the result that cruel of science and technology dazzles character with Gao Guangze's material, the black silver-colored match colors that just grabbed an eye forcedly is built on round of arch line of section of Audi R8 car, let integral vision add the female's downy sense. The shoe money altogether <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton travel bag</a> of this collaboration that cross a boundary rolls out short boots, boot two, <a href="UR"L>louis vuitton duffle bag</a> its exceed cruel, luxuriant the commodity that is full of design feeling again lets as main honored guest of Taiwan Audi Fashion FestivalMo WenweiFondle admiringly, shouting continuously two of this series want to have! 
Money of cosignatory shoe of STELLA LUNA X Audi R8 just was rolled out in Taiwan sell one sky. The whole world only set limit to 100 pairs, since January 21 will at Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen 7 cities set limit to is trafficced. 
Phone of detailed be in harmony: 800 819 0028
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