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"Only as good as you make it"


Weekly and One-off Events

If you are unsure of whether a class is meeting be sure to check the Noisebridge Announce and Discuss Lists.


System Administrator Study Group

C and the Assembler on Linux


Linux Discussion

To Be Decided

101 Intro Class

 No experience expected! Firm Details to be announced.
 Interested in teaching once a month for an hour?  Perhaps this should be bi-monthly.

System Recovery (Fie: Failure is Eminent)

 Devoted to recovery and backups of Data.  Either weekly or bi-monthly.
 Your system recovery plight put to the test!  Not sure whether this is a class, a roving group activity, or just a straight challenge.  If you don't have any form of recovery, perhaps this will inspire you to do so.  Will probably open this up to the internet communities at large if it goes well for the space.
 *Data: Files, partitions, drives, operating systems, non-unix
 *Privacy:  Local area network, encryption schemes
 *Architecture: Portability and dependencies
 *Interactivity: gui? web? cron? output?
 *Scripts and existing tools
 *Cleanliness of code and notation
 *Create a web flyer

Suggestions for Improving this Section

Include photos and descriptions of community linux machines, live cd's, and other relevant things at nb.

Should Android get talked about here as well?

Add section on testing old hardware.

Add links to Noisebridge coding efforts and related dev classes

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