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We use an IRC channel that's on freenode. It's temporary and quite useful. Feel free to join. The needed information is as follows:


We have a helpful bot in the channel by the name of martha run by Andy Isaacson

For those who are not familiar with getting on IRC, here's what Mitch did:

  • For Windows: Download and install Pidgin (free IM chat software for Windows -- there's plenty of other free software to choose from for Windows and other OSs).
  • For Macs - a reasonable client is Snak, It's $29 shareware with a 30 day free evaluation. A better IRC client for Mac OS X (that also supports SILC) and is Free Software is Colloquy.
  • For those who run Ubuntu and are not familiar with IRC (unlikely?):
$ sudo aptitude install xchat


  1. create an IRC account and connect to (there's good documentation on how to do this on freenode]. You can also register your nickname at freenode.
  2. join channel: #noisebridge

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