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Here is an incomplete list of steps that you, dear newcomer, might wish to take on as you join the Noisebridge community. All of these are optional, and can be completed in any order.

  • Create a Wiki User Account
    • Create a user page.
    • Copy this to-do list to your user page. Strike out the tasks you've accomplished.
  • Try and comprehend our particular flavor of collectivist anarchy by reading the Hours page.
    • Don't worry if it seems a bit strange.
  • Attend a Weekly Meeting
    • But don't stress if you can't
  • Create an account on Pony, our illustrious file server
    • Poke around. Find some lulz.
    • Upload new lulz.
  • Join a like-minded Mailinglist
    • Send a message introducing yourself
  • Befriend a member.
  • Get a proper tour of the Dirty / Wood shop.
    • Don't be afraid of the scary tools.
    • Fingers grow back, right?
  • Set up a recurring donation
  • Take a class
  • Give a class
  • Learn how to use the Jukebox
    • Play some awesome music.
    • Rock out.
  • Meet Mitch
    • Buy a kit from him and build it.
  • Apply for Membership
  • Learn to use the vinyl cutter
    • Make a sticker for your laptop.
    • Make a sticker for somebody else's laptop
  • Learn to use the Lasercutter
  • Learn to use the 3d printers
  • Edit a wiki page that could use some improvement
    • Add something to this list
  • Give a newcomer a tour
  • Apply for Membership
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