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Here are some suggested guidelines for hosting an event at Noisebridge. If it's an hour or two long workshop with a dozen or so participants, just get a member to host it. If it's bigger, such as an unconference or a full day of presentations or you expect a lot of new people to show up, please note the following:

  • It's recommended that you have a Noisebridge member or several as part of your planning committee to see that you avoid common pitfalls when working with Noisebridge.
  • Publicize the event via a Tuesday meeting, this Wiki, the Noisebridge discussion mailing list, google calendar (to gain administrative access to the calendar, post to the discuss mailinglist and someone will add you), and the Noisebridge IRC channel, with enough lead time that the community can respond and give feedback.
  • Be aware of the existing ongoing events and try to work around them.
  • Have a plan for setting up the space.
  • Have a plan for cleaning up after yourself (and follow it).
  • Consider asking participants for a monetary donation to Noisebridge during your event.
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