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We're happy to host teaching and co-operative events at Noisebridge. There's no charge, though please consult and respect the many others working in the space. Here are some suggested guidelines for hosting an event at Noisebridge, whether its a short workshop, a regular hackathon, or a bigger unconference-style event.

Our Physical Space

Event-Hosting Areas

Noisebridge has three primary areas within our physical space for hosting an event, consisting of two classrooms and a large open conference area.

Common Areas

All events at our space may make use of our kitchen space and two bathrooms. Our kitchen contains a large counterspace. Our bathrooms are generally clean.


Please visit our Accessibility page for a full description of how Noisebridge makes our physical space accessible to everybody.

General Guidelines

Get members involved

It's recommended that involve at least one Noisebridge member as part of your planning to see that you avoid common pitfalls when working with Noisebridge. Ask around the space for a member, or ask on the discuss mailinglist. You don't have to be a member to start an event though!

Communicate the event to the group

Publicize the event to the users of Noisebridge via the 8PM Tuesday meeting, this, the Noisebridge discussion and announcement mailing lists, google calendar (to gain administrative access to the calendar, post to the discuss mailinglist and someone will add you), and the Noisebridge IRC channel, with enough lead time that the community can respond and give feedback.

Be aware of the existing ongoing events and try to work around them, even if they're not in your part of the space. Some events like 5MOF and work in the shop can be noisy! Also events might be happening that aren't listed anywhere that may create annoying room scheduling issues.

Setup and clean up

Leave the space cleaner than you found it. Have a plan for setting up the space. Have a plan for cleaning up after yourself (and follow it). Novice tip: Ask those participate in the event or class to help clean up the space used at the end.

Donations and fees

Consider asking participants for a monetary donation to Noisebridge during your event. We have a recommended one minute preamble for event organizers to say at the beginning of their meetings. It explains how we work, and how your visitors can help keep Noisebridge going.

Noisebridge prides itself in being an open space to all that are excellent. Please keep in mind that we generally don't host classes or events that have a participation or class fee. Charging for materials or kits is acceptable (such as buying a blinking LED kit to work on during Circuit Hacking Mondays), but shouldn't be required to join in the class or event.

Event Listing

After taking all of the above into consideration, and feeling like Noisebridge is the right spot for your event, listing it on our events page would be great! Here are some steps to do so...

  1. Create an individual page for your event. Include contact info for the organizer(s), date/time, location (if at Noisebridge, where in the space), and a pretty good description of what the event is. The important bit is contact info, helps when we're cleaning up the events list.
  2. Include the code [[Category:Events]] at the bottom of the page.
  3. Go to the Events page and add in your event to the correct spot. We use 24 hour time.
  4. The events listed on our Main Page are actually pulled from the Events page. So no need to add it again.
  5. If you have an event that happens once, or a reoccurring event that doesn't occur anymore, please remove it from the Events page after you're done.
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