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People interested in going on HOPE Number 9 from June 13~15th:

HOPE stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, it's a biennially hacker conference. I (Hao) just think it would be nice if people who are interested to go on the trip together, and we might get group discount for various stuff.

on wikipedia Introduction and a brief history of HOPE

[1] official website

purchase the page which shows up when you dial "9" on the official website.

You do not need to be a member of Noisebridge to go on this trip. In fact, Hao is not a member for now.

Please email Hao if you are interested in joining us:
hao *AT* dorabot *DOT* com

Minimum bulk order is 10 people, so if we get more than 10 people want to go, we get the bulk price. Even if we don't I think it will still be more fun if we go together.

People who want to go to HOPE by themselves may still go ahead and put your info below, so that we know who'll show up by then.

Name Purchased flight/Greyhound/Amtrak ? Itinerary Hostel info
1 Hao Zhang NO Since dual-trip flight is too expensive, I'm thinking about Amtrak/Greyhound. Any ideas? I'm thinking about couch surfing/hostel world/airbnb. But maybe there's a better solution for a group?
2 Your Name Here YES example. Arriving 04-Apr-12 18:15 on United UA869
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