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Making beer at home is cheap, easy, and great fun. Learn about the initial phase, which is basically tea made from grains (usually oats, wheat, or some similar combination thereof) and then adding sugar in.

It consists of a lot of boiling and since we haven't tried it on this stove before... may be upwards of 3 hours long. Bring something to keep yourself entertained in the meantime (like a great book, some home brew you've already made, or your latest project).

Steve C is the local brewer, but has not done every type of beer out there... yet.

A partial list of materials, blatantly stolen from the local brewshop's site (sfbrewcraft.com):

   * 6.5 Gallon Bucket w/Spigot (Primary Fermenter)
   * 5 Gallon Glass Carboy (Secondary Fermenter)             - Steve C has one of these
   * Funnel
   * Two Rubber Stoppers
   * Two Airlocks
   * Siphon Hoses
   * Bottle Filler
   * Bottle and Carboy Brushes
   * Butterfly Bottle Capper
   * 60 Caps
   * Hydrometer and Sample Jar
   * Fermometer
   * Siphon Starter
   * Glass bottles to hold 5 gallons of beer... approximately 60x 12 ounce bottles.
   * 4 or 5 gallon (the larger the better) brewpot for making the wort in its initial phases

This is materials for a 5 gallon batch of beer, which yields about 4.75 usable gallons. The only thing needed for more beer (or beer to be brewed more often) is the ingredients and more carboys and bottles, all of which is highly modular and can be acquired as necessary.

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