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Project Name

Hackable lighting


Dan User:Terminationshok


Install addressable LED lighting combined with sparing use of cfl, halogen or incandescent.

What Will Be Done

Remove anything in the category of 'crap' from the ceilings Prep / paint ceiling Install dc power supplies Install LED fixtures Install microcontrollers Install other fixtures w/ relay switching from micros Install networking equipment Install touchscreen control panels Install sensor packs Run ac power to dc power supplies Branch dc to led fixtures Connect fixtures to controllers Connect LED subnet to main network through router Wait ~1 month Remove any unused florescent tube fixtures Install diffusion on remaining florescent tube fixtures

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect


Who Will Be Doing It

Dan User:Terminationshok

Why This Will Be Good

The new lighting system will be much more pleasing to work under. It would use less energy, especially if combined with sensors and automation to turn down or off unused lights. It would provide hardware for hacking on. It will be super hi-tech and becoming of a hackerspace.

Why This Will Be Bad

It is new tech and could take longer, or be more expensive than planned. This will be the second time for me to install this in a building. People who hack the computer controlled lights might instruct them to display patterns that are annoying to others. It might be too awesome.

How Long Will It Take

A similar job took 3 months to complete. Depends on other construction. Would roll out in stages.

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like

A fundraising effort will be executed to provide the 5-15k needed. (No use of Noisebridge general fund) I would like help with the ac power distribution.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With

Renew Energy Maker Mover Quiet Diet Rebase Working Synthesis

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict


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