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[[File:LebendigeLiteratur.pdf|thumb|left|Lebendige Literatur]]
[[File:LebendigeLiteratur.pdf|thumb|left|Lebendige Literatur]]
[ Die Datenschleuder - Fachblatt für Datenreisende CCC]
[ Die Datenschleuder (data slingshot) - Fachblatt für Datenreisende CCC]

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What: Weekly get-together to learn and practice German
When: 7:00pm -- Every Tuesday
Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., San Francisco, 94114 (at 18th St., near 16th St. BART station). Map: Getting_Here
Who: All are welcome, regardless of skill level

For our first meeting on Tuesday, 10-May-2011, a few people said they would bring their computers with the beginner version of Rosetta Stone for German. We can start out using this, and everyone who shows up is welcome to use these computers. If anyone has other suggestions on better ways to learn German, please bring your suggestions, and/or talk about them on the German mailing list.

Follow our discussion and meeting announcements on the German mailing list.

This is an outgrowth of Noisebridge German language classes that have been on hiatus since 2009.

Noisebridge German Translation

Lebendige Literatur

Here is an easy piece of short fiction to learn from, including German vocabulary list:


Die Datenschleuder (data slingshot) - Fachblatt für Datenreisende CCC

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