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Meeting at 8:30 on Wednesday. More advanced students are encouraged to come around 9:00. We'll break around 10. We'll start our first class on 6/24.

A bit of background on me:

I lived in both France and Quebec for about 10 years. I learned to speak French while living in both places, so the French I'll be teaching is very much how people talk. Also, because I learned French by hearing and speaking it, my French writing skills are craptastic, so I am planning to focus more on conversational French. If someone else is a wiz at writing French, speak up!

If you could write down your name and your level of French below that would be really helpful.

I'll post some more resources on this page shortly :) -- Laura


  • Mitch I can sorta order food in French.
  • Noahbalmer - interested, but probably won't make it on many Wednesdays for a while


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