Five Minutes of Fame 2010 03 18

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“We’ll Always Have Paris” (aestetix)
"Bone Marrow 101" (Ani Niow)
“Inchvesting Made Easy” (Larry Sheradon)
“Understanding Color and the CIE Chromaticity Chart” (Jonathan Foote)
“Community Organizing FOR GREAT JUSTICE!” (Maymay)
“How Brass Instruments work” (davidfinedavidfinedavidfine)
"The Tahoe Project" (Nathan)
"The Tor Project" (Jacob Appelbaum)
“The Myths and Facts about Marrow Donation” (Magda Silva and Jacob Appelbaum)
“Open Primer and never be the same: and forever live the game” (Alex Peake)

The event was held at 8PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.

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