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Welcome to the Noisebridge Dwarf Fortress Page!

Dwarf Fortress is an amazingly complex yet low-fi real-time strategy game, with dwarves!

This page is for those people interested in learning how to play and/or those who are already experienced who wish to share tips and what not. Feel free to make use of the discussion tab above as well.



  • We recently held an informal "Beginning Dwarf Fortress" class on 2010-09-28. Let us know if you think we should do this again!
  • We are most likely going to meet again next Tuesday, 2010-10-05 at approximately 6:30pm.





Many tutorials are already listed under the Dwarf Fortress wiki. Some of these are included below.

Highly recommended is the "bentgirder" tutorial



3rd Party Plugins/Tools

  • The Dwarf Fortress Lazy Newb Pack
    • Note that v5.0 has many disabled utilities, if you want the full utility experience highly consider getting v4.6!
  • Stonesense live 3D map viewer
    • Note: this is just a VIEWER and doesnt actually make the game 3D. It has a lag as well, so it's long term usefulness is limited in terms of playing the game. But it's very impressive to show your friends.



Similar Games

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