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("Communication in the Presence of Noise")
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[http://www.psychiclab.net/ Masahero's EEG Device/IBVA Software]
[http://brainstorms.puzzlebox.info/ Puzzlebox - Opensource BCI Developers]
Morgan from GazzLab @ MissionBay/UCSF
Morgan from GazzLab @ MissionBay/UCSF

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if anyone's interested, there is a nice writeup describing the Analog_EEG_Amp


Current Discussion

some (maybe) interesting background on Information Theory (cool title...)

Claude Shannon: "Communication in the Presence of Noise"
File:Shannon noise.pdf
"We will call a system that transmits without errors at the rate C an ideal system.
 Such a system cannot be achieved with any finite encoding process
 but can be approximated as closely as desired."


Masahero's EEG Device/IBVA Software

Puzzlebox - Opensource BCI Developers

Morgan from GazzLab @ MissionBay/UCSF


Let's ease into a lightweight "journal club" discussion with this technical report from NeuroSky.

Name: A user-friendly SSVEP-based brain-computer interface using a time-domain classifier, Luo A and Sullivan TJ 2010

URL: File:NeuroSkyVEP.pdf

Please add your comments & questions here.

Background Reading

http://nanosouffle.net/ (view into Arxiv.org)

Name: Hunting for Meaning after Midnight, Miller 2007

URL: <http://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/neuro/attachments/20130501/4b992eb6/attachment-0002.pdf>

Name: Broken mirrors, Ram, VS, & Oberman, LM, 2006, Nov

URL: <http://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/neuro/attachments/20130501/4b992eb6/attachment-0003.pdf>

Ramachandran Critique



Sleep/Dream Studies


NeuroSky Docs



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