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-The Drama Tag- The [drama] tag can be added to the subject of an email thread if that thread has become rife with drama. Future posters are asked to keep the tag when the reply. Anyone can add the the tag, and anyone can remove it (though that might be seen as inconsiderate if the tread truly qualifies)

--Reasons to use [drama]--

  • It allows people to create message filters based on the tag (I turn them purple)
  • It's optional and decentralized
  • It doesn't censor a thread, just tags it.
  • It is a gentle reminder to people that they are being dramatic on the internet
  • It's a meme, and memes should be spread

--How to recognize a dramatic email thread--

  • Someone is unhappy about something other people have done
  • Claims are made that others agree with the author, sometimes listing those people (building alliances)
  • The issue that sparked the dramatic email does not initially concern most of recipients, or even most the people who reply.
  • Emails are much longer than needed, make a case instead of stating facts.
  • Stilted use of language
  • Some poor fool has intentionally invoked Godwin's law.
  • Someone is explaining to someone else how the world really works.
  • An apology is demanded.
  • Someone is saying they don't see what all the fuss is about.

-A history of Noisebridge-discuss epic threads- --That one about moving the couch on top of the dark room-- November 2009 --That one about someone accidentally offending a trans person-- --That one about getting wifi from monkeybrains-- November 2009 --The one about putting stuff in the 'DJ Booth/server room'--

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