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please only bring CRTs if you intend to use the parts for anything other than a normal monitor.
We prefer LCD's. Why? CRTs are large, put out a lot of heat, and are difficult to dispose of.
We can't accept donations of CRTs unless they're very special-purpose, because e-waste disposal of CRTs is very expensive in California. The exception is for unique devices, for example the slow-scan CRT in the SEM or the vector CRT in an old arcade stand-up console. A special-purpose but uninteresting CRT, like from a commercial security system, would probably not qualify.

Leaving/donating a metric or standard ass load of equipment/stuff

We don't want people leaving lots of useless obsolete broken electronics etc. Please post to the list before dropping off to gauge interest in the items. I suggest you write to the list a week later to see if anyone objects to having any of the items here; and if so you should remove them.

kthx bye

Getting a receipt to those who want one

If they want a receipt, the following process works:

  • they bring in the stuff
  • then either:
    • a NB volunteer writes down what they donated, and the name+address of the donor, and emails it to treasurer@
    • our awesome treasurer emails them a PDF receipt
  • or:
    • a NB volunteer uses the sales book on the Treasurer's shelf to create a receipt if the donor wants a receipt in hand
    • then that volunteer mail the details to treasurer@
  • NOTE: We can't provide valuation information on the receipt. The receipt will simply list the items donated and it's up to the donor to provide a value if they wish to claim a charitable donation for tax purposes.
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