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* [ Mailing List]
* [ Mailing List]
* [ Black Rock Ranger Manual]
* [ Black Rock Ranger Manual]

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[edit] do·cent

A person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

What are Docents in the context of Noisebridge (which is, among other things, a museum, art gallery, and zoo)? Who is on the Docent roster? and other questions that remain to be answered!

[edit] current docents


[edit] what we can help you with

  • greeting, directions and general questions about noisebridge
  • tours
  • conflict deescalation / resolution
  • access to the space / door codes


[edit] resources for docents

This document is part of the Noisebridge Manual
Infrastructure - Things we do - The Prologue - Getting along - Day to Day operations - Staying in touch - Lore - Inner Mechanizations - Visitors and Guests - Ask to leave
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