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Should work with Sane under Linux.
Should work with Sane under Linux.
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Does it work

Yes, for the most part!

What does it scan

Flatbed things, 35mm

Where does it live

Currently on top of the black help in the darkroom.

What belongs to the scanner

  • Scanner!
  • AC/DC adapter (labeled)
  • USB cable
  • Built in 35mm loader
  • Replacement loaders for 35mm, slides, medium format


The built in loader is white, it's built in, you'll know what I mean when see it. This particular loader I found to be about 2-4mm too skinny, so I took a Dremel to it. That was a dumb idea and it's kind of crap tastic now.

I ordered a replacement loader from a site that said should work, words from HP apparently. When I got the loader, loaders actually, they're totally not specifically made for the G4010, but it lines up right, it just might work. Haven't tested.





Should work with Sane under Linux.

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