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Darkroom Meeting October 20th, 2009

  • Moderator:
  • Note taker:


Making the darkroom dark

  • Review of the plan listed on the wiki, get folks to take ownership, order of when things to do, set hard dates.
  • current plan is to use blackout curtains, and build in a fan which will vent out into greater 2169 for now, and then we hope someone can help us pipe it somewhere.


  • Mitch and Jeffrey are willing to help with our money matters.

Equipment acquisition and organization

Digital printer

  • there's been talk of this digital printer, which I suspect will be settled in the standard do-ocratic (or not-do-ocratic) manner, but which may merit some meatspace discussion.

Film scanner

  • Several poorer photographers have been lusting after a film scanner. We've found some options in the $400-600 range. We'll also likely cast about for donations. I think that a flatbed scanner in good shape that works with something other than Windows would be


Color printing!

  • We have a color enlarger, but can't actually print color without print development equipment. In theory we can do this is baths like BW printing, but I think it's pretty finicky. I'll post this in a separate thread on the list.

Darkroom items and floor plan

  • Table and filing cabinet dimensions should get documented somewhere.
  • I would like to digitize the dorkroom floorplan and get that on the wiki, for posterity.

Other projects?

  • there's been talk of Xrays and pinhole cameras and polaroids and making our own film. Sometime soon I'd like to see some photography-themed workshops. Incidentally, is there a name for our group? I have been using Darkroom crew, Dorkroom crew, and Darkbridge interchangeably (in the latter case, "greater 2169" is referred to as "Noiseroom").
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