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The darkroom is under construction at 2169. It is located on the east side in between the emergency exit and the bathrooms. This room may also be used for silk screening.

Darkrooms are awesome, how do I use this one?

Anyone is welcome to use the darkroom just as long as our general rule of being excellent to each other is followed! Here are some other guidelines you might find useful.

Darkroom Usage Guidelines

  1. Introductions and project discussion - Have you met anyone else using the darkroom? If not we'd love to meet you and see what awesome things you're wanting to work on. Please make a post to our discussion list and introduce yourself to the group. By doing this you basically get free help from a fairly well size community to folks on how to be utilized the space and equipment, and also by communicating purpose and resource needs we all can get a better idea of how to have our projects coexist in the space.
  2. Check the darkroom calendar and schedule time - We have a calendar, it contains dates of times when people are going to use the darkroom. This is great as it allows for collaboration and also helps with scheduling conflicts (it's a small space :P). Email our discussion list to be added to the calendar.
  3. Keep the space just as neat and clean as before you found it - Many of us use the space, and only have limited time to do so. When the space is dirty, or resources aren't where we expect them, life sucks. Please be kind of help to make sure the darkroom is just as neat and organized as you found it (or even better, cleaner then it was before!).
  4. Communicate to the group when equipment breaks or supplies run dry - Many of the equipment we have is old and hand me downs, just in the brink of utter self destruction. Things are bound to break and run out, if this happens, fret not, most likely not your fault. Even if it was, please email our discussion list and notify the rest of the community. We don't care who did what, but are more concerned with replacing whatever needs replacing. :)
  5. Bring up discussion about changes to the darkroom - Want to change something? All ready did change something? Great! Bring it up on the mailing list so we all can bask in the new founded value of your alterations!
  6. Have fun! - Make cool things, have fun doing it!


Sort of in order of what needs to be done.

  • Build walls
  • Paint exterior
  • Ceiling
  • Electrical
    • Run conduit and boxes
    • Lighting
    • Wire
    • Vent switch
  • Plumbing
    • Run pipes along walls & put in drain (Scott - is this finished?)
    • Acquire and hook up sink
  • Ventilation (Ben, Kelly, Sean)
    • Acquire and install >150cfm fan
      • light seal strategy?
      • form factor considerations (fits between joists or mounts on roof)
    • Intake vent (no fan)
    • Vent out to bathroom or skylight
      • wait for bathroom ceiling
      • 6" flexible round duct - need connectors
  • Door - Kelly and Ben (Done?)
    • Acquire or build doorjamb
    • Acquire hinges
    • Light sealing
      • Light tight curtain or maze
      • Molding - still needed?
      • bottom skirt - still needed?
      • weather sealing
  • Paint interior (Peter)
  • Shelving and tables
    • Bins for storage
    • Some sort of filing cabinet for paper
    • A small fridge



These are currently pledged funds.

  • $50 - Andy
  • $50 - Rubin
  • $100 - dpc
  • $177 - Joachim *paid* ceiling/fan materials
  • $50 - Dan Garcia
  • $50 - Mitch
  • $75 - Kelly
  • $50 - Shålaco
  • $100 - alexander


  • Developing Stuff
    • Light tight drums, plastic
    • Reels, plastic
    • Chemicals (not yet inventoried)
    • Film washer
    • 2 clotheslines
    • 2 development clock timers
    • lots of graduated cylinders and measuring cups
    • several thermometers
    • Many, many funnels
    • Agfa FP200 Color Film Developer
  • Negative processing
    • Negative dryer
    • 2 lightboxes
    • paper cutter
    • SCSI film scanner
    • USB film scanner (- cartridge)
    • Archival sleeves
    • dust blower & wipes
  • Printing stuff
    • Omega BW enlarger
    • Beseler BW enlarger
    • Beseler Color enlarger
    • Digital Enlarger Timer
    • Dial Enlarger Timer
    • shit-tons of paper. Not inventoried.
    • 2 metal 8x10 easels
    • 1 wood 8x10 easel
    • 3 11x14 easels
    • 2 Grain focusers
    • squeegees
    • several tongs
    • lots of 8x10 trays
    • 3 11x14 trays
  • Film
    • bulk loader, loaded w/ BW? (we'll know soon)
    • bulk loader, empty
    • bulk loader, loaded w/ Joachim's Fomapan 100, at Kelly's house (we'll bring that back soon I swear!)
  • Cameras
    • Digital film camera (missing!)
    • Canon scanner camera
    • Samurai 1/2 frame digital 35mm SLR
    • Hacked visblock D70
    • Polaroid 250 Rangefinder
    • Polaroid 180 filter kit
    • Speed Graphic 620 Polaroid camera + extra lens and filters
    • Cardboard pinhole camera
  • Misc Chem / Optics
    • digital scale
    • 2 heat lamps
  • Furniture/infrastructure
    • Sink w/ 2 wells
    • Water Temp controller
    • 2 water filters (unclear on purpose)
    • hugemongous fan
    • several options for intake vents
    • 2 enlarger tables
    • base cabinet for sink
    • 2 wood shelves
    • 2 safelights

We Need

  • Cartridge for Minolta film scanner
  • film frames for enlarger (make?)
  • print washer
  • Print squeegeeing surface
  • Color print developer (also, a hasselblads, kthx) oh and a SCSI card! fr rls!
  • contact print frames?
  • UV lights
  • conductive glass / ITO/FTO
  • Sump box and pump for drain & chems
  • Chemwaste jug for fixer
  • primer
  • flat black paint


Once the space is set up, I will teach classes on film development, printing, and general darkroom use. I will also be available to help out on a one-on-one basis with anyone who would like to learn.

Expressions of Interest

please add your name here if you're interested in attending a workshop.

  • Sean C
  • Nathan W.


We have meetings!

Agenda and meeting notes...

Web cam

A web cam has been installed in the dark room to provide a live feed:


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