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This will be where stuff about chemistry goes. Feel free to edit as you like; I'm starting with lists of reagents and glassware that I will be bringing, and will add photos later today.


All items are 24/40 standard taper unless otherwise specified. Some items are not glassware, but are used in reaction setups.

  • Liebig condenser, 200mm
  • Allihn condenser, 200mm
  • 3-neck 500mL round-bottom flask
  • 500mL round-bottom flask
  • 250mL round-bottom flask
  • 100mL round-bottom flask
  • 50mL round-bottom flask
  • 2x50mL round-bottom flask with distiller arm (not standard taper)
  • Addition funnel, 125mL
  • Separating funnel, 100mL (not standard taper; use a 1-hole stopper for an adapter)
  • Stillhead adapter
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Claisen adapter
  • 0-360 degree thermometer
  • 500mL beaker
  • 250mL beaker
  • 2x200mL beakers
  • 40mL beaker
  • 500mL Erlenmeyer flask with vacuum adapter (not standard taper)
  • Buchner funnel
  • 100mL graduated cylinder
  • 10mL graduated cylinder
  • 10mL burette
  • Evaporating dish
  • Aquarium pump with hoses (attaches to condenser for cooling it down)
  • Test tubes, various sizes, lots of them


  • 1 gallon methanol
  • 1 gallon phosphoric acid
  • 1 gallon hydrochloric acid, 12M
  • ~1lb potassium hydroxide
  • Calcium chloride, anhydrous (drying agent)
  • Magnesium sulfate, anhydrous (drying agent)

Things that are broken but could be fixed

  • A 500mL round-bottom longneck distillation flask with the distiller arm broken off. If someone has an acetylene torch, this could be repaired by fusing a glass tube onto it, or the hole could be sealed up and the flask used for a reflux reaction flask.
  • A Liebig condenser, not standard taper, with part of the stillhead end in several pieces. Again, fixable with a hot enough torch.
  • A vacuum aspirator with a bunch of pipe-fitting adapters. It works, but currently the adapters are on there really tight and I can't get them off. If someone has a plumber's wrench and a bench vise, this is easy to fix.
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