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Lori rolled over and pulled the comforter up over her head in an attempt to block the sunshine pouring into her window. She'd slept hard, the finger-fuck frenzy she worked herself into in the shower the night before really did a number on her. Her dreams were filled with nothing but a parade of men, each one possessing immense genitals, the size of which would make a mule jealous. She dreamt that she was in a lavish bedroom and as she laid there in bed, each one came over to her bedside, plopped his cock down on the bed for her inspection and then walked out. One by one they did this and each time, she would fawn over their magnificent trophies. When she woke up, she felt as if she urinated on herself - her box had leaked so much of her juice that it left a huge wet stain that was maybe 3 feet in diameter. Her pussy ached to feel Lance inside of her again and she fought against the urge to walk across the street, barge into Lance and Joan's home and pounce Lance's fuck stick.

"I need to taste his cock again," she muttered to herself with a hint of melancholy. "I want to feel him beat his fat prick on my ass, on my boobs, on my face," she sighed. "Damn - that fucking Joan - she's got it so fucking made. Nice house, nice kids, a great husband with a cock like a fucking whale … damn," she sighed. "I should just go on over … but it's Saturday morning and they are probably all fucked out from last night. Fuck, did he lay the wood to her!" Lori shifted and rolled over on her back, staying under the comforter. She enjoyed the softness of the material against her naked body and she ran her fingers up along her sides, over her flat stomach and up along the sides of her massive chest. She rolled over onto her back and rubbed her massive boobs together. "Fuck - I want that monster back between these big tits of mine," she moaned. She could feel her pussy moisten even more at the thought. She reached down and touched herself - instantly shockwaves were sent rippling through her body. Her lips were puffy and swollen as if she'd been engaged in a marathon fuck session. She sighed as the euphoric sensations of the orgasm overtook her.

"Oh Lance, Lance, Lance," she moaned. "Rub that big fucking log on these tits, baby. Rub that big fucker in all of this luscious cleavage." She moaned and groaned as she rubbed her tits together and massaged her aching, sopping gash. She rolled to the side and smothered her face into the pillow to muffle the screams and howls of ecstasy that growled from deep within her. After a few minutes, her orgasms finally subsided and Lori rolled over onto her back, totally out of breath. She was still raging horny and knew that she needed to get up and out of the bed before she started up again. As she stood up and looked out the window, she noticed Joan's van speeding down their driveway and careening out into the street. "Wonder where's she going in such a hurry?" Lori asked herself. "Hmmmmm … I wonder if Lance is up? Ooooo I should go on over there … no, I shouldn't intrude … but I really need to see him … but he's probably already fucked out from last night … with a cock like that? Are you kidding?" Lori went back and forth in her mind about whether or not she should go across the street to her neighbors home. "It wasn't like I'd be intruding," she said out loud. "It's not like I haven't had sex with the both of them, you know?" Lori continued to debate her decision as she headed towards the bathroom.

it'd be nice if everybody would tag 'events' with [[category:events]]

gba 00:22, 15 October 2008 (PDT)

Looking for help to set up an event: OOTSIDEBOX project presentation at NOISEBRIDGE

Hi There,

I'm Jean Noël and I'm looking for help to finalize the organization of this event on Sat november 23th:

I plan to have up to 20 particpants, 10 guys already confirmed that they will come. To find out more about OOTSIDEBOX project:

Waiting for reply...

Best Regards Jean Noel

FWD Events Re-Direction

There is no reason to mention that I post my events to noisebridge-discuss and noisebridge-announce, "invariably" or not.

No one benefits from that information on the event listing - I'm trying to keep my description lean. JeffreyATW (talk) 20:45, 28 January 2014 (UTC)

-- (saved separately in case of future undo's)

Thanks for using this Category_talk:Events section.
But no, a certain percentage of people invariably see the fairly brief wiki event description here before viewing the listserve posting (assuming they're subscribed to either listserve). They'll subsequently be able to use the Discuss/Announce re-direction in its current state to effectively see timely reminders of the bi-weekly FWD highlights.
As a beneficial use-case scenario for those of us (who shall remain nameless) solely wishing to glean highlights of bi-weekly FWD events, this very re-direction filters out the large amount of discussion "noise" even better than subscribing to the Discuss list in Daily Digest mode.

Let's please keep it that way.

JavaScript Edits

The simple idea here is that beginning programmers are more likely to pick up JS material through the more elementary Front-end Web Development material than they necessarily would be from the EcmaScript programming language, DOM, Object Oriented JavaScript, and Events covered in THIS particular advanced JavaScript class. The FWD instructor, JeffreyATW, even routinely provides live video streams of the class for the convenience of his students (see [1]).

All in all, EVERYONE benefits by directing inexperienced coders to learn JS and other FWD techniques from the Front-end Web Development class and directing more experienced web developers and programmers of other languages to the JavaScript class.

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