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it'd be nice if everybody would tag 'events' with [[category:events]]

gba 00:22, 15 October 2008 (PDT)

Instructables Build Night - Bare Conductive

Join us Wednesday, May 22 for an Instructables sponsored “Build Night” of playing with conductive paint from Bare Conductive ( Instructables will supply the conductive pens and pizza.


Cost: FREE!

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 22 @ 7:00pm

Location: Noisebridge

Post Instructables: post at least 3 how-to Instructables from the event to the Noisebridge group on Instructables ( If you have any cool ideas on what can be made with Bare Conductive let us know! Free Instructables pro-memberships to anyone who posts an Instructable. Projects can count towards Noisebridge sponsorship (!

    • Full disclosure: I work for Instructables and I am actually organizing these build nights across the country. I am also a Noisebridge member and thought it would be a great opportunity to see how the build nights run, get feed back, and join in on the fun! For the month of May we have 18 participating spaces all across the United States.

Contact me, Carley Jacobson (, if you have any questions :D

Looking for help to set up an event: OOTSIDEBOX project presentation at NOISEBRIDGE

Hi There,

I'm Jean Noël and I'm looking for help to finalize the organization of this event on Sat november 23th:

I plan to have up to 20 particpants, 10 guys already confirmed that they will come.

To find out more about OOTSIDEBOX project:

Waiting for reply...

Best Regards

Jean Noel

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