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Forty-five high school physics students are coming to visit Noisebridge with their teacher Ms. Zertuche (Amber) on Tuesday April 2, 2013 from 9:00 to 12:30.

They would like to learn soldering and anything about electronics and wiring.

Context: students will be starting to learn about electromagnetism and will be putting their finishing touches on their solar homes and be building speakers or wiring their solar home in the weeks following the field trip. Anybody willing to teach a class about speakers, circuit bending, or anyway that you have applied EM knowledge to your current projects or past projects please sign up below!

We should organize this page into time slots and stations for teaching, with notes on the capacity for each station.

  • Martin (circuit bending, creative theory)
  • Liz (beginning soldering, hacking 101, contribute to Firefox)
  • Dru (science, tech, egalitarian decision-making, Neuroscience, C++ & Java)
  • Mitch (teach how to solder, electronics, show fun and simple projects -- but only after 11am)
  • Seth (tours)
  • Alex (video game development)
  • Lukas (just here to help in between work meetings)


  • tours
  • laser cutter (4 people)
  • sewing
  • electronics
  • library
  • Turing classroom
  • Church classroom
  • 3D printers
  • kitchen
  • electronics lab
  •  ??

Proposed Schedule:

  • 9:00: arrive, introduce Noisebridge, and tours
  • 9:30: station teaching segment 1
  • 10:00: station teaching segment 2
  • 10:30: station teaching segment 3
  • 11:00: station teaching segment 4
  • 11:30: station teaching segment 5
  • 12:00: free time to explore Noisebridge/get food from market
  • 12:30: gives thanks and leave Noisebridge


  • Station 1: Main room: Soldering with John and Yan
  • Station 2: Laser and vinyl cutting with Jarrod
  • Station 3: Church: Video Game Development with Alex
  • Station 4: Turing: Circuit bending with Martin
  • Station 5: Kitchen: Quantum Electrodynamics with Dru

Students will rotate to each station every half hour.

Safety notes

  • Do not eat while soldering. Wash your hands afterwards! (Solder contains lead.)
  • Do not use the laser cutter or wood shop tools without supervision/training.
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