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* Rachel McConnell
* Rachel McConnell
* [[User:Paulproteus | Asheesh]]
* [[User:Paulproteus | Asheesh]]
* [[User:rubin110 | Rubin Starset]] - Will hopefully show up with some soldering irons and random tools.

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Brain Machine Building Workshop

Let's make something!

This fun workshop is for everyone: total beginners (even if you've never built anything, ever), as well as people skilled in the art.

The Brain Machine blinks light and pulses sound at a pre-programmed sequence of brainwave frequencies -- in this case, a meditation sequence. If you use the Brain Machine, your brain synchronizes to the meditation sequence, and you experience it! And a nice bonus is that you hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns from your subconscious mind. Sound cool? Most people agree!

I originally wrote up the Brain Machine as a DIY project for MAKE Magazine #10 in May-07. (Here's a video.) Since then several hundred people have taken the workshops I've given at Maker Faires, hacker conferences, and friends' places. Everyone has successfully completed their Brain Machines. You can too.

By building one of these you will learn how to:

  • Solder like a pro
  • Program an Atmel Micro
  • hack microcontrollers
  • Make LEDs blink
  • Attain Zen-like states in under 7 minutes

All tools and parts are provided. Parts cost me $20, and I ask that people pay me for the parts.

Date and Place yet to be determined -- will announce.


Please add your name below if you are interested in doing the workshop (no committment implied:

  • Mitch Altman
  • Jacob Appelbaum
  • Audrey Penven
  • scott lamorte
  • Matt Peterson
  • Rachel McConnell
  • Asheesh
  • Rubin Starset - Will hopefully show up with some soldering irons and random tools.
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