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Week 1 (March 21st - March 27th)

  • create profile on element14 website - view it here
    • team introduction
    • explain Noisebridge's philosophy, and provide a top level summary of your first week (Rikke, with collective revision and approval)
  • write project plan, incl. time line and initial task list (Rikke)
    • delegate/take on as many tasks as possible (everyone)
    • start identifying sources for materials (Mike?, Charlie?, Marc?, Sean?)
    • post project plan to element14 profile
  • source ethernet shield for Arduino + schematics from DZL (Rikke)
  • prepare schematics for biomass probe (Rikke)
  • prepare schematics for DO probe (Sean)
  • lay a budget
  • deadline for first blog update is March 25th! (Rikke)

Week 2 (March 28th to April 3rd)

Meeting: Monday March 28th

  • provide a basic outline of the materials we will be using in our build: in other words, a pretty detailed plan for all hardware aspects of the project (Rikke; as this is already well under preparation, there should be no problems here)
  • outline anticipated key challenges (content: everyone)
  • source commercial pH probe (Mike?)
  • source materials for DIY probes (Mike?)
  • prototype Arduino + ethernet shield setup (Marc)
  • prototype thermal sensor (Charlie)
  • prototype DO probe (Sean)
  • prototype biomass sensor (Rikke, someone else?...please?)
  • start designing casing for Arduino + ethernet shield setup
  • deadline for Hackerspace Challenge Blog Post 2 is April 1st! (Rikke...fooled ya!)

Week 3 (April 4th - April 10th)

Meeting: Monday April 4th

  • provide status update of build w/ quick summary of obstacles + solutions (Rikke)
  • refine DO/LB probes (Sean, Rikke, others?)
  • refine graphics, website, user software interaction (Marc)

Week 4 (April 11th to April 17th)

Meeting: Monday April 11th

  • mandatory update: "Is everything going to plan? Perhaps provide footage of a visit to an educational institution you're working with"
  • finish DO/LB probes (Sean, Rikke, everyone?)
  • deadline for Hackerspace Challenge Blog Post 3 is April 15th! (Rikke)

Week 5 (April 18th - April 24th)

Meeting: Monday April 18th

  • provide a review of the challenge to date, incl. key lessons learned (content: everyone, collation: Rikke)
  • assemble all components and test (everyone except Rikke, who'll be in Denmark from April 19th to May 5th)
  • testing...testing...1...2...3...testing...

Week 6 (April 25th - April 30th)

Meeting: Monday April 25th (Rikke on Skype)

  • showcase our build, why it works and what features make it stand out, a.k.a. show off and shamelessly self-promote our project
  • deadline for build is April 30th!!!

Comments and disclaimers

  • The first two weeks are way more filled out than the last four, since the specific details of much that comes later depends on what happens this week and next (list of materials dependent on exact schematics + availability, task delegation dependent on who wants to do what, etc.), but that will naturally change as the project progresses.
  • We're required to contribute to our profile page within the element14 community; I'll create a [Noisebridge]BioBoard account and share credentials, so we can all upload material. And don't worry, I'll still handle all the mandatory stuff - just want to make it open for all to add content.
  • We will receive a total of $900 for the project via bank or PayPal transfer - still looking for an account(ant).
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