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== 2013 Noisebridge Benefit ==

DATE TBA April 2013 (tentative)

Noisebridge needs money. An idea is circulating to host a benefit/fundraiser event at Noisebridge in March or April (Ides of March or April Fool's Day soiree?) It could be a simple affair with art for sale donated by local artists, or a splendid gala event with performances, bands, alt fashion show, &c (someone suggested a hacker art auction). Potential really fab way to replenish the NB coffers, clear out old stuff & revitalize the space with new members. In order for it to happen, a bunch of people must come together to organize & commit. People already tentatively involved include DanF, TLongshanks, KimKim & Gay Jew Josh (written w/ approval). To get involved, subscribe & post to Noisebridge-discuss or you can email


I've seen DanF working on multiple paintings to auction over the weekend.

James (sundquistjames-at-gmail) can coordinate music/live bands if people want them. April works best. Please share your thoughts on the Noisebridge-discuss list.


Longshanks ( sent the following response to JamesSun, DanF et al. but did not Cc the entire Discuss list:

I'm very much in favor of live bands (For One Night Only —@ NoizBridge!) & can see that being huge & fun. Same with the art auction w/ 100% of proceeds to NB. April seems like a good bet. April Fool's Day Benefit? Or later in the month, since by gosh February is more than halfway over already...

Cc'ing to DanF: Dan, do you remember at the hackathon/A. Swartz memorial there was a guy you & I were both talking to, who was from the East Bay & said he had experience organizing/promoting successful fundraisers? You & him were talking about the band Grandaddy (which maybe he used to be in) as I was leaving, & I told him to give you his contact info 'cause he was into the fundraiser idea....did you get it? Thx

Please also include my friend Stan (an NB frequenter). In addition to possibly playing (he is in a costume jug band called Thee Hobo Gobbelins), he wants to help organize & is experienced so doing. Maybe the 3 or 4 of you (JamesS, DanF, StanOz & *404 Error-NameNotFound*) can be the 'Music Comity' [sic] of the 2013 Noisebridge Benefit Planning Group (NBPG). Quoted message from StanOz follows:

Forwarded message—Subject: benefit—From: Stan Osborne ( Sat, 26 Jan 2013:

I will help. Just let me know what I should do next. Just pick a date and I will pack the place with volunteers and deep pockets as I am a certifiable event organizer. In the 1990's I was the local arrangements chair for two different ACM conferences held in San Francisco. These were in different years and held in local event venues. The first was 3.5 days long and the second one was 12 days. I personally negotiated all the contracts for the hall(s), catering, banquets, transporation, etc., and I know how to motivate volunteers for 100% volunteer projects. I know the first event was a success as I was later told the event made money for ACM. Stan Osborne Volunteer Tutor @ NB

End forwarded message

Thursday, 2/21/13

Last night I was @ NB & spoke with Dan, one of the people with whom I was developing the idea of this benefit last month @ the Hackathon. Dan is an artist & has been working on original paintings & artworks to potentially auction or donate for the benefit. James has offered to organize musicians & bands to play if we want that. I was not at the Tuesday meeting two nights ago, as I am never at any of the Tuesday night meetings. I asked James & Dan if they were & if the benefit was discussed; it doesn't sound like it was except in a cursory way. My feeling at this point is that I have a lot of creative energy I could potentially invest in organizing an event of this scope, & I want to help NB out, but I am not willing or able to commit large amounts of energy & time into making something happen if the community isn't into it or doesn't see it as a priority at this point. I am embarking on a sizable endeavor right now that involves helping my friend start up a print shop/offset press in the City which is going to absorb me in the coming days. That & [zine|ZiP] & other zine-making projects is where my focus is going to be from here on out. I believe I have some skill as an organizer that I will gladly contribute to the benefit effort if it coalesces in the near future. I can design flyers & other promo materials, & prepare special editions of ZiP (my Noisebridge-valentine-in-zine-form) & organize & staff a table of zines, print materials, stickers, & other merch & swag for the event, if & when it happens. Or others may take over & make it happen in a different form. As long as NB benefits, I'll be happy. That is where I'm leaving this for now.

+11+ (Tony Longshanks)

PS - The email address I started for this purpose will remain active & I will check it regularly. A NB-er named Dwayne Crosby has offered his band to perform in a benefit if we want it; he can be reached at Also, my friend Stan, who offered to help organize & attract donors, has experience & can really Get Things Done, said as follows: "The NB eent should be 6-8 weeks in the future, or it will be hard to get groups to commit. The NB place is not that large, so organizing something that fills it up is not to hard. The difficult aspect is attracting people with deep pockets and motivating them to donate."

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