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Arduino class at Noisebridge!

When: See Current Events

General: First hour, aimed at beginners, is a crash course in basic electronics, basic programming, and basic install of Arduino IDE on your laptop.

Second hour presumes everyone knows the basics, and explores a more advanced topic, such as I2C communication between two Arduinos, interfacing to Processing and/or The Internet, or multitasking. Thus, people who already know the basics can simply show up for the second hour.

What should you bring?

To get the most out of the workshop, you want to participate in the activity. This requires a laptop and an Arduino. You might use one of the public computers at Noisebridge.

Arduino: Either bring your own or I'll have the standard Duemilanove for sale at $30 each.

Any sensors or actuators that you wish to experiment with. I'll have some loaners for anyone who has none yet.

Want to save time?

Download, and, if you can, try to install the Arduino IDE from

Questions? Comments? michael AT teachmetomake DOT com

July 8th First Class Notes

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